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Polystyrene sheets are a lighter coating of material based on polystyrene foam. We named it a Styrofoam sheet, a most popular product-based material with hydrocarbon molecules extracted from petroleum. Naturally, it also produces some fruits, herbs, and beef. Most aerosol paint sprays contain styrene as it is waterproof. Polystyrene has instant sticking properties because of its high static attraction. It is a complex and inflexible based material, and we can use it in different conditions and environments.

Polystyrene Sheet in Pakistan

What are the different types of Polystyrene Sheet?

1: Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) Sheet:

Eps is the most popular and recognized type and has revolutionary properties. It has mainly recognized as an insulation material. It is most potent and famous for its features and modesty and is the best choice for green building designs.

This type of polystyrene is in our daily life. This type of polystyrene is extensive and primarily used in architecture.

Reduce noise and moderate hot and cold weather accordingly.

  • It is solid and durable 
  • Develop standards
  • Lightweight

2: Extruded Polystyrene (XPS) Sheet:

  • Extruded polystyrene has a strong and close cell structure.
  • It is an expensive polystyrene type.
  • It is primarily available in large sizes and used in architecture and building models.
  • EPS and XPS both have extensive uses.
  • It can use for Insulation.
  • Extruded polystyrene thermal conductivity values are in between 
  • 0.25-0.40w/m.k.

3: Polystyrene Plastic

  • Plastic polystyrene commonly uses for the protection of products and applications.
  • It helps in protecting mobile screens, electronic screens, and devices.

4: Polystyrene Films

This type applies in filling and preventing air and gaps.

The primary purpose is sealing things.

What are the Benefits and uses of Polystyrene Sheets?

It is a rigid and inflexible based material, and we can use it in different conditions and environments. Polystyrene sheet structure is tiny, lightweight, robust, clean, and easy to handle.

1: Polystyrene in Insulation

Polystyrene sheets best fit the Construction industry. It protects from noise and heat in summer and from cold in winter. The sheets spread on the ceiling and walls for weather resistance and low moisture. Starboard has insulation properties and extensive use in the construction sector.

2: Fruits and Vegetable Storage purpose

Polystyrene has solid and diverse properties. It is advantageous and beneficial to different aspects of life.

Very advantageous for food packaging and food storage. It is safe, hygienic, and healthy for food, herbs, and meat, as well as dangerous if heated. Polystyrene has a flammable and melty structure.

3: Polystyrene in Appliances, Panels, and Casings

Polystyrenes are comprehensive for products such as inside electronics machinery foam packaging, Egg covers, DVD and cd case, shipping packaging, and for expensive breakable products. 

4: Polystyrene in Automotive

It implements car engine shocks and soundproof car systems.

5: Polystyrene in packing

Polystyrene is always used in all packages to protect against damage and breakage products.

6: Polystyrene in Electronics

Polystyrene for all IT instruments, television, and computer. Microwave oven and all electronics.

7: Polystyrene in Medical Supplies

In the Medical profession, polystyrene sheets use as tools due to their transparency and odorless qualities—molded polystyrene sheet shapes for diagnostic instruments and Petri dishes for test tubes.

It continuously uses due to its diversity, reasonable productive cost, and various needs.

Can Polystyrene Sheets be used as Insulation?

Yes, you can use polystyrene sheets as insulations because polystyrene has tiny beads or bubbles inside it and makes blocks. These blocks make good insulators, and heat can’t pass through.

You can design Insulation according to your needs. Implement two coats of Insulation and then finalize with the finishing touch. 

Polystyrene Sheet Price in Pakistan

2 X 4 1 INCH Contact US
8 X 4 1 INCH Contact US
6 X 4 2 INCH Contact US
10 X 4 2 INCH Contact US
20X 3 1 INCH Contact US


Where to Buy Polystyrene Sheet in Pakistan?

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