Jumbolon BoardJumbolon Insulation Board price in pakistan

What is Jumbolon Board?

A Jumbolon Board is made up of closed-cell Extruded Polystyrene (XPS), which is an excellent insulator for safeguarding walls, roofs, floors, and more from external temperature fluctuations. It is a unique foam board with high insulation properties that are used in all different parts of the construction industry. 

A Jumbolon sheet is not to be confused with Styrofoam. Although both are Extruded Polystyrenes and excellent insulators, a Jumbolon board has a higher R-value than Styrofoam, (R means resistance. More on that below) and most other foam boards or even EPS sheets.

In this article, you will learn the following things about Jumbolon Boards

  • Why are Jumbolon Boards becoming a necessity?
  • Properties of Jumbolon Boards
  • Best Uses of Jumbolon Boards
  • Specifications of Jumbolon Boards
  • Conclusion

Why are Jumbolon Boards Becoming a Necessity?

Most Pakistani households today have Air conditioners and UPSs in their home, due to the rise in summer temperatures and unscheduled load shedding. According to a study conducted on Household Electricity Consumption in Pakistan, Air conditioners share 41% of the total electricity consumption in summer while UPSs share 29%.

As energy costs are only rising, along with other crucial necessities. It has now become a necessity, rather than a convenience to look for ways where excess energy consumption can be mitigated. This has to be done not only to lessen the blow of an ever-rising energy crisis in Pakistan, but also to help future generations start with a solid foundation that helps them be better prepared to fight these crises. 

So to severely lessen the blow of heat this summer or cold this winter, Thermo Insulations have introduced an energy-saving and highly insulating Jumbolon board (Extruded Polystyrene board). Being an exceptional insulator, buildings or residential structures that have integrated Jumbolon boards into their construction consume significantly less energy, are cool during the summers, warm during the winters, and are now one step closer to becoming a self-sufficient system that creates and fulfills its own energy needs.

This new kind of green construction, which considers reducing the cost of utilities in the future, is not only good for the building itself in the short term, but also good for the environment and Pakistan’s energy sector in the long term. Approximately 60% of precious electricity consumption can be saved through insulation, which can then be redirected to powering up the Industrial sector that desperately needs it. In turn, creating a more bright future for our kids and Pakistan. 

Towards this end, Thermo Insulation has not stopped at just Jumbolon boards but has also created other alternatives which suit different needs for other people such as Insulation material EPS sheets, XPS boards, Thermoform sandwich panels, and pharmacy panels

What are the Properties of a Jumbolon Board?

Let’s explore what properties of Jumbolon Sheets provide insulation to residential and commercial buildings


Dense foam boards can provide better insulation, as they permit less temperature into the building and act as a guard to protect. Our Jumbolon boards have a density of around 35 kg/m³, which is comparable to and exceeds most high-end Styrofoam.


The insulating properties of any insulation foam board are measured by its R-Value, where R stands for resistance. Our Jumbolon boards have an R-Value of greater than 5.3, which easily exceeds any competing Styrofoam boards or Thermocol sheets which have an R-value of less than 4.5, thus providing excellent long-term insulation.

Compressive strength

Known as the strength required to break down the material, Jumbolon boards are quite durable and rigid to put between walls, underneath floors, and on roofs with ease. These sheets possess a high compressive strength of around 250 – 350 Kpa and can stand the test of time with ease and comfort

Water Absorption 

On average, Jumbolon is more water and moisture-resistant than its counterparts. Being incredibly hydrophobic, even when submerged inside water, Jumbolon boards only absorb less than 0.3 % of their total volume, as compared to Styrofoam which absorbs 0.5%, and EPS sheets which absorb around 2-3% or their total volume. 

Fire Resistant 

Jumbolon boards are also considered to be very low on the flame spread index, which is a test to see how much a fire spreads from a material in 10 minutes. Jumbolon sheets, rather than catching fire and spreading it further, slowly dissolve and evaporate the area affected by the fire. This severely reduces the fire spread and makes Jumbolon sheets ideal for places where fire hazard is a direct concern. 

Best Uses of Jumbolon Boards

Due to them being lightweight and exceptional at insulation, here are some of the best use cases for Jumbolon boards in the industry

Roof Heat Insulation

One of the primary uses of Jumbolon boards is roof heat insulation. Insulation with these boards provides an effective barrier to changing temperatures and reduces energy costs required to maintain normal room temperature. Jumbolon sheets are also a much better substitute for sheets made of steel, asbestos, or fiberglass. The insulation comes in different colors and can easily last more than 10 years

Wall Insulation

By placing Jumbolon boards in between walls, you can create an effective thermal barrier around the building that helps in maintaining the temperature of the entire house or a building greatly. These sheets are also great for insulating buildings or rooms, where heavy chemicals are stored

Water Tank Insulation

Jumbolon boards are also used to insulate the walls of water tanks. This helps the water not become burning hot in the summer or freezing cold in the winter, the moment you turn on the water tap. Jumbolon sheets being hydrophobic, are excellent for insulating water tanks

Energy Effectiveness

The major cost in our utility bills is the energy consumption to fight off the external temperatures. Jumbolon boards can severely reduce the cost and make the fight easier, by saving on heating and cooling costs all around the years, and reducing overall energy consumption

Light Weight and Smooth

The clean and smooth surface of a Jumbolon board makes it easy to be covered up by other materials such as paint, mud mortar, and more. It’s lightweight yet strong and rigid structure also saves costs on transportation and installation

Specifications of Jumbolon Boards – Jumbolon Boards Sheet Price in Pakistan

To help you decide which Jumbolon sheet is right for you, the following is a little table describing all the specifications you need


Thickness Size Color Price
1 inch 3 X 6 Pink, White 600
1.5 inch 3 X 6 Pink, White 775
2 inch 3 X 6 Pink, White 1200


Jumbolon sheets are an amazing way to cut costs on the rising energy consumption prices in Pakistan. Its hydrophobic properties and high-density structure, that doesn’t let water seep into its body. And it’s exceptionally high R-Value that retains insulation easily over 10 years, making Jumbolon sheets not only the future of insulation but also the future of a bright Pakistan. Carrying this torch of hope is Thermo Insulations which is developing and providing the best insulation materials such as Jumbolon boards, EPS insulation sheets, XPS boards, Sandwich Panels, and pharmacy panels in Pakistan.     

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