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What is EPS

Eps sheets are a lighter coating of material based on polystyrene foam. We named it a styrofoam sheet, a most popular product-based material with hydrocarbon molecules extracted from petroleum.

Eps boxes are also extensively used to ship fresh fish, fruit, vegetables, and vaccines because it’s one of the most reliable insulators and shock absorbers.

EPS is flexible, so light helps the world cut its carbon emissions, and keeping food fresh, helps limit food waste.

EPS Applications

EPS is a rigid, closed-cell, thermoplastic foam material. It is the production of solid beads of polystyrene. Its expansion is achieved by virtue of small amounts of gas contained within the polystyrene bead. The gas expands when the heat in the form of steam is applied, thus forming closed cells of EPS. These cells occupy approximately 40 times the volume of the original polystyrene bead. The large EPS block beads can be fabricated per specification to form customized shapes. Here are EPS applications in detail

application of EPS Box


Applications of EPS Box ( Thermocol boxes)

Eps box packaging is trending and used in different areas, including utensils manufacturers, electronics, glassware, pharmaceutical, food beverage packaging and also including protecting small electrical components, and large items like fridge-freezers, and has many applications protecting food to avoid damage during various stages of production and shipment.

Eps has lightweight, smooth surfacing and thermal properties, and it can protect products from harm and damage. All costly and sensitive products wrap and fold into eps boxes. EPS Box has many uses  applications are very common such as the fish industry, for packing of chilled products, in the agriculture sector for seed trays and the packing of fruit and vegetables.


Features of EPS Box:

Some essential features of Expanded Polystyrene Box are mentioned here.

  1. Lightweight
  2. Thermal conductivity
  3. Smooth surface
  4. Cushioning surface
  5. Strong 
  6. Shock absorbing

USE of Polystyrene Box

EPS has many uses including:
Protecting Small Electrical Components, Protecting Food to Avoid Damage During Various Stages of Production and Shipment. Polystyrene Box widely used in the Fish Industry for the Packaging of Chilled Products. In the Agricultural Sector, it is used for Seed Trays and the Packing of Fruit, Vegetables, Meat, Medicine and Vaccine

1) Thermocol Boxes for Pharmaceutical Sector

Thermocol Boxes for Pharmaceutical SectorEPS Box for Pharmaceutical Sector

Thermocol boxes are broadly used in the pharmaceutical sector. These boxes have thermal and cushioning properties and are also hygienic, so they are very beneficial in the medical field.

Eps boxes are also called Thermocol boxes. These are used for insulin, blood bags, securing injections, medicines, and vaccines.

2) Eps Boxes for Food Packaging

EPS Box for food

Eps has thermal properties. EPS Boxes (Thermocol boxes) are best for food packaging.

EPS thermocol box

These boxes Protect Food to Avoid Damage during various stages of production and shipment. It is widely used in the Fish Industry for Packaging chilled products and also used in restaurants for food takeaways and the packaging of Fruit and Vegetables. Eps is an excellent thermal insulator that can keep food warm and cold according to its temperature.

3) Polystyrene Ice Box Containers

Polystyrene Ice Box (Thermocol ICE Box) has foolproof cushioning properties that help avoid damage during transit. It is lightweight which enables easier handling and storage.

4) Polystyrene Fish Box Containers

EPS boxes make for the most authentic and suitable food packaging container options. Transport of chilled and super chilled rainbow trout in Insulated containers and expanded polystyrene boxes

Thermocol packaging boxes have thermal and hygienic packaging components and are extensively used in different fields.

Thermo Insulations is Pakistan’s leading manufacturer of expanded polystyrene sheet, Thermopore Sheet, Thermocol Sheet and we have Customized and engineered solutions for all insulation material in Pakistan.



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