geofoamApplications of Geofoam

Important Applications of Geofoam

Home Insulation System presents Geofoam. The trusted lightweight fill material. The perfect solution for solving structural fill challenges. There are many challenging fill applications that need a reliable, fast and cost-effective solution. Home control Geofoam is the answer. The Geofoam comes his large, lightweight and easy to install blogs, making it the perfect material to construct high performance structural fills. Let’s take a look at some of the great applications where foam control Geofoam proves to be the perfect structural fill solution.



1- Lightweight Roads.

Transportation roadways always required to be built over unstable soils. The use of structural, lightweight Geofoam reduces construction time and the costly steps of Sir charging the wicking and driving piles. Geofoam delivers fast, stable and built within budget Rd building.

2- Bridge Abutments.

Geofoam used in the approach hill sections of bridge construction reduces lateral loads on the bridge deck support system, which reduces cost. Geofoam also prevents the potential differential settlement of the finished roadway and bridge deck elevation.

3- Road Widening.

One of the greatest challenges of lightening existing roadways is the disruption it causes due to the long construction. Using Geofoam progresses, the construction process of Rd building faster than any other conventional methods used today.

4- Plaza Decks

Reducing overbearing loads on Plaza Decks. Increases deck spanning distances at lower cost. Deal form allows for cost effective long span designs. And Geofoam s insulation power allows for conditioned habitable space under the Plaza Deck.

5- Foundation Fill.

Urban redevelopment and reclamation of historical buildings requires adjustments to floor and scare elevations to meet code, egress, HVAC and electrical standards. Geofoam is reliable and cost saving that provides the solution for urban building retrofit.

6- Stadium Seating

The theatre Viewing experience enhances every great performance. Geofoam has been used to cost effectively transformed movie theatres, public outdoor venues, school auditoriums and private viewing rooms into environments where people become immersed in the performance.

7- Landscaping.

Landscape environments having planters bowling contours. Multiple elevation changes, whether on the ground or over Plaza and roof decks, can be designed more efficiently, installed faster and at a competitive cost with the use of Geofoam.

8- Mat Foundations.

Foundations over unbalanced or expansive land is a great challenge. Geofoam allows for soil removal and replacement with lightweight Geofoam structural fill. This provides for a net zero weight gain for the structure on the building footprint.

9- Rail Corridors.

Train rail systems are being built in many metropolitan areas throughout the world. Rail corridors many times need to cross unstable soil areas. Geofoam is allowed cost effective rail corridor construction over unstable soil areas.

10- Slope Stabilisation

Mobile soils cyclical surface and subsurface water events can affect the stability of roads and structures built on natural slopes. Designs using Geofoam can provide an engineered solution that eliminates Whopper osian and stabilised the native conditions.

11- Utility Protection

Overbearing fill in roadways reoccurring live loads and consolidating soils can cause damage to underground utility service runs. Geofoam relieves the stresses and protects critical utility runs for years to come.

12- Retaining Walls.

Reducing lateral loads and retaining walls reduces cost of construction as well as ensuring long term performance. Using Geofoam provides the most reliable engineer fast construction method to build high performance retaining walls.

As you conceive from these great applications, bomb control Geofoam meets the challenge of constructing many high-performance structural fills. It very easy to install and above all quickly and cost effectively. Informed control Geotherm can be trusted to perform for the life of the application. To learn more about film control Geofoam, I invite you to visit Geofoam control Geofoam is available everywhere from a network of Geofoam control, sales and manufacturing locations.

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