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An accurate home insulation system can save your a lot of expenses from insulation costs in summer and cold seasons.

The insulation system industry has provided high-quality production in Pakistan with more than fifteen years of industry experience. Getting public trust is the motto of the company. We are the pioneer in introducing standard insulation to the people of Pakistan.

Home Insulation System never compromises on the Quality and standard of the material. Above all, customer satisfaction is one of the hallmarks of the company. Insulation Systems valued the most to its customers and provide every kind of right and best available material with lasting, affordable and satisfactory assurance. 

Insulation System Industry (PVT) uses the latest German technology which processes material with the quality ensure of the products like Thermopore, EPS Packaging, Styrofoam Sheets (Thermapore), Molded Packing, Pipe Insulation, False ceiling, Thermopore sheet, Expanded Polystyrene Sheets (EPS), Packaging, Pipe Insulation, False Ceiling, Disposable plates and Cups and EPS Disposable. The hard-working engineering core and technical staff of the home Insulation Systems Industry work day and night for the best possible products and smoothly and timely availability of the material. 


Smart Water Tank

smart water tank in pakistan

The technical team of Insulation System has introduced a quite unique and attractive product in the market named “Smart Water Tank”.

The key feature of the insulated water tank is to maintain the water temperature inside it not only for hours but for many days also.
Globally we observe the energy crises which can only be overcome by cost-cut like this thermal insulation water tank which causes people to reduce their frequent use of motors to get fresh cold/hot water simultaneously in winter and summer.

People will not be able to get this thermofoam water tank anywhere in the world with the exception of our esteemed organization.

Home Insulation System Industry presents a variety of insulation material ranging from Thermopore, Thermopore sheet, EPS Packaging, Styrofoam Sheets (Thermapore),XPS foam Board,EPS Box, Polystyrene Sheet, XPS Sheets. Molded Packing, Pipe Insulation, False ceiling, and EPS Disposable.

Thermocol Sheet

Thermocol Sheets is a generic term for polystyrene.These sheets are a minute layer of material base.

 Thermocol names styrofoam sheets a popular product-based material with hydrocarbon molecules extracted from petroleum. Naturally, it also produces some fruits and herbs.

It is a complex and hard-based material, and we can use it in different forms and environments.

At Thermo Insulation Pakistan, we deal with top-quality thermore sheets.

EPS Packaging

EPS, also known as Styropor, Air Pop, and Flamingo. It protects everything from appliances, white goods, televisions, and people.

It’s extensively used for shipping fresh fish, fruit, vegetables, and vaccines because it’s one of the most reliable insulators.

EPS is flexible. It is 98% air and a single polymer for packaging insulation or other polystyrene products. 

Because it’s so light, it helps the world cut its carbon emissions, and keeping food fresh, helps limit food waste.

Styrofoam Sheets (Thermopore)

Styrofoam sheet, also named XPS foam board, is an essential polystyrene sheet. It has excellent thermal properties. It is broadly used for insulation sectors such as walls, roofs, tracks, swimming pools, and additional area tracks.

Insulation is one of the most reputable Style Styrofoam Industry which manufacture the best quality material in Pakistan. There is absolutely no compromise on quality assurance and standard of the Style Styrofoam material

You can make your house very comfortable with the use of eps. Because it proves beneficial, you can easily control the hot waves of the sun in summer and also can control the cold, frozen temperature in the winter.

Molded Packing

Molded packing is a high-standard flexible material made from raw materials, which are different in overall features.

Pipe Insulation

For best performance, pipes require the proper insulation. Pipeline insulation improves performance and reduces energy costs, whether a hot or cold line. In harsh weather, pipeline insulation works most effectively.

False Ceiling

Gypsum has thermal and sound insulation properties, the most popular material for false ceilings.

EPS Disposable Plates and Cups

 EPS foam is used to prepare disposable plates, cups, glass, and packaging.

EPS is the most common sheet insulating walls, foundations and roofing. EPS Sheet provides long-term advantages and resistance to the hot waves of the sun and cold. It also has the power of strength. 

Expanded Polystyrene Sheet (EPS) is a white foam plastic material produced from solid beads of EPS. . EPS is commonly used for packaging and in the insulation of rooms, walls and houses. Expanded polystyrene is a closed-cell, rigid foam and lightweight, but there is no doubt it’s a closed-cell structure that provides minimal water absorption.


What Our Client Says

umar farooq
umar farooq
Very good experience and recommended due to high quality, professional behavior all the team members Especially Mr. Imran sb such a nice person. Thank you so much God bless all of you guys.
Yasir Gujjar
Yasir Gujjar
Impressed in every field. Quality, service and price.
Umrah Khan
Umrah Khan
Thanks for quality. Thanks for your dealings. thanks for your service.
Ahsan Bhutta
Ahsan Bhutta
Quality, services, prices and especially your behavior. Thanks imran sb. Thanks insulation systems
Irfan Aslam
Irfan Aslam
Owner behaviour so good but your staff very irresponsible in commitment of order and order quality provided. My product loss with your thermapor quality
Inayat Khan
Inayat Khan
Received sheets. 100% satisfied with quality and delivery time. Thanks
Khizar Altaf Ch.
Khizar Altaf Ch.
Excellent services. Great people to work with. Exactly on time delivery. Awesome after sale services.
Zubair Shahid
Zubair Shahid
Excellent customer services with best quality material used. I am more than satisfied by their work.
Zahid iqbal Zahid
Zahid iqbal Zahid
One of the best quality in Pakistan right now highly appreciated. Properties of TP sheets such as light weight,rigidity,ease of handling and cost effectiveness awesome. Highly recommended 💯💯


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INSULATION SYSTEM INDUSTRY has provided high-quality production in Pakistan with more than fifteen years of industry experience.